who is The DOG? - The Dog
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who is The DOG

about us

is the right place for you to come to if you want your puppy to learn some good old dog manners and social etiquette. We believe in reward-based training and rely on the scientifically-proven, positive reinforcement method that is known to work magic on dogs of all types. We help dog owners understand their pets better and address problematic behavior such as continuous barking, biting, disobedience, destroying stuff, chasing cats, and any kind of aggression in general.

what is positive reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement is nothing but getting your dog to do what you want by rewarding. It’s more than just bribing your dog with food. A reward can mean anything like a game of fetch or pampering your dog with a toy or a petting session filled with kind and loving words. It all depends on what your dog likes.

At The DOG, we implement multiple strategies to get to know what your pet desires and design our teaching techniques accordingly. We build a positive connection with the animals and that paves the way to effective training.

what we believe

No dog is too old to be trained. We believe with the right kind of environment and a friendly instructor, any dog can learn a few new tricks that will make life easier for you as a pet-owner.

founder and master trainer

Catharine Stelzer is a certified, professional dog trainer. A Die-Hard Dog Lady and flag-bearer of compassion towards the canine world, she quit her corporate career of an account manager a few years back and dedicated herself to training dogs. She has trained hundreds of dogs across different size-groups ranging from toy to medium, large, and giant. With a special focus on German Shepherds, she is adept at training exotic breeds like Dogo Argentino, Pitbull, and American Bully too. She has also mentored and trained dog trainers.
Her clientele includes some of the most celebrated politicians, movie stars, and sports personalities of India who sort her out to get their four-legged companions trained by her. When not coaching dogs, she is busy keeping fishes and learning the Korean language and culture.

To wrap it up all, she is an associate member of the privileged International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), Texas – a foundation dedicated to the education, development and support of dog training professionals world-wide.